Unsynced Launches New BlackBerry Media Player

Unsynced has launched their new BlackBerry media player, a alternative to the built in media player the app is currently available free of charge in the BlackBerry App World. The Unsynced media player is currently compatible with the BlackBerry Curve 8900 and the Bold.

The Unsynced media player app surpasses the functionality of the built in BlackBerry media player with a number of useful new features. The new media player provides a stylish interface that is incredibly easy to navigate; the players colour and theme are also customizable.

Creating playlists is incredibly easy, users just need to pick a playlist name and can then browse their SD cards or their music library adding songs with a single click. Another great feature is a progress indicator for podcasts, the Unsynced software remembers your place in a lengthy podcast so you can pick up where you left off. The media player can also capture song information to identify the names of songs you like and e-mail you the relevant results. Unsynced can also be used to e-mail friends your favorite songs information.

The Unsynced media player surpasses the functionality of the built in BlackBerry media player and provides an intuitive easy to use interface. If you have not already switched to Unsynced you can get the app for free in the BlackBerry App World or on the Unsynced website.