Unsynced Puts Your Entire Music Collection In Your Pocket

Unsynced is weeks away from launching their free Blackberry Music Player. The much anticipated mobile app will put your entire music collection in your pocket. A desktop application launching towards the end of the summer will provide Blackberry users instant synchronization between their desktop and mobiles music collection.

The Unsynced service will offer users an easy way to manage their entire music collection, discover new songs and acquire them. Best of all the Blackberry Music Player will be entirely free.

The team developing the app is made up of students from the University of Waterloo. The idea for the app was initially developed in the university’s Velocity incubator program. The Unsynced team took home a major prize from the Velocity exposition winning a patent filing courtesy of Miller Thompson.

Unsynced’s members Ted Livingston, Vassili Skarine, and Vick Yao are currently working full time out of office space in Toronto donated by Darryl Ballantyne of LyricFind. Its amazing to see how quickly this company has grown, even with its founders in school, Unsynced has developed a sophisticated product and will bring it to market within an extremely short time frame.

If you’re a Blackberry owner make sure you keep your eyes open for the launch of the Unsynced Blackberry Music Player.