UQ Events tackles event calendar space

Looks like Launch Party Vancouver’s People’s Choice Award winner might have some local competition in the Event Calendar market. Newly launched UQ Events is a web-based social-networking service that allows people to post, find and share events and event information. And they’ve done a slick job of the site.

Membership is easy and free and gives you the ability to create, publish and manage events through your online UQ Events profile and calendar. These events can either be kept private, shared with a chosen circle of friends or published for anyone using the website to see.

UQ Events was created for individuals looking to find and share event information in an easy, enjoyable and exciting fashion. We are constantly growing and adapting to our users’ needs and we hope that you join us to take part in everything that UQ Events has to offer.

UQ Events is running a cool contest to kick things off and encourage new users to invite their friends to try it out. If you bring 5 friends to UQ Events before November 15th and add them to your list of friends, you’ll be entered into a draw to win 4 tickets to an event of your choice. The maximum value of the tickets is $1000 and it has to take place in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver.

Only one problem with that – how do your explain to 2 of your 5 friends that they’re not invited? Ouch.