Urbanizer wants to know what mood you’re in so it can take you for a drink

“The first telephone directory, consisting of a single page, was issued on February 21, 1878.” – Wikipedia

Mood MapThe race to make the telephone directory relevant in the age of Google continues with the recently released Urbanizer, an iPhone application aiming to be the pocket sized hip extension of that dead tree tomb that sits unused in a corner of your desk drawer.  On the go and want to know where to eat, well that’s what Urbanizer is for. The catch with Urbanizer, the thing that separates it from the crowd of other location based applications is that it doesn’t just group its suggestions based on location, user ratings or any of that useful stuff it suggests places based on your mood.

Urbanizer is from the good people at the Yellow Pages.  It also has a website that shows mood maps for the cities where the application currently works (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa).  The application includes the now obligitory social media functions, allowing your suggestions to be refined by what your friends are digging.  It feels a bit odd to use an app where “hipster snack” is an option, but maybe that’s just me.