Urbanspoon honours Vancouver’s food blogging community

Kudos to you, Vancouver foodies; itturns out that the only thing that can eclipse your love of gastronomy is your love of blogging, because Urbanspoon’s Spoonie Award for Overall Excellence in Blogging went to Vancouver’s food blogging community.

From Urbanspoon:

Bloggers in Vancouver actually had more posts (over 9000) than Vancouver has restaurant listings (about 7400). So to Sherman’s Food Adventures, Chow Times, I’m Only Here for the Food, and the hundreds of other Vancouver blogs, keep up the good work.

Given their blogging prowess, it isn’t a surprise that the Spoonie Talk of the Town Award, for the restaurant with the most blog posts, goes to a Vancouver restaurant. Phnom Penh has had an impressive 39 blogs posts devoted to it, easily topping the 35 for our runner-up, Polpo of London. The top U.S. restaurant is the Madison Square Park location of New York’s Shake Shack, with 32 posts.

Check out this link to the Vancouver portal of Urbanspoon; it seems that Vancouver is obsessed with more than just the Canucks and a certain green plant these days. Of the almost 300 blogs listen, over 50 of them have over 50 posts and over 25 blogs have over 100 posts. Check out the most prolific blog, Sherman’s Food Adventures. The guy covers everything from Greek to Indian to Chinese to Indian to fish and chips to… well, you get the idea.

Congratulations again, Vancouver gourmets; maybe it’s time for us at Techvibes to get into the restaurant critiquing game.