Urbantastic retreats to their cocoon

At Launch Party Vancouver 5, Urbantastic demoed their online events calendar and ended up walking away with the LPV5 People’s Choice Award and box seats to a Vancouver Giants game thanks to their pretty funny video submission. I wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about so when I came across another Vancouver-based events calendar start-up called UQ Events that was slicker and better executed, I had to mention them here.

A couple more days passed when a tipster alerted me to Urbantastic’s announcement that they were going to stuff the butterfly back into the cocoon and go back to the drawing board:

Launching the event listing site was fun, but more so it was intensely educational. Thanks to everyone who listened to our pitch and gave us their thoughts about their city and their connection with it. During that learning, however, something very cool started to emerge in our minds: a new take on the engagement problem that will do more than simply connect people with events.

A visit to Urbantastic’s blog revealed a little more. It turns out they came across a competitor that wasn’t on their radar – so, I have to wonder if it was Techvibes that put the blip on the radar:

Put plainly: the moment hit home when we found competition that matched us feature for feature. It’s humbling, and you curse yourself for not finding them sooner, but it also gives you a glimpse of what your future could have been. And we’re kind of glad that we didn’t go there.

The Guys behind Urbantastic have gone back to the drawing board and are reformulating. Are they “glad [they] didn’t go there” because they didn’t feel that they measured up? All we know is that the promise to tell us more over the next month and are confident that their new solution will “win the hearts and minds of those who are looking for something to do tonight”.

We’ll see if they’re able to come up with a site that can effectively compete with their already established and growing competitors. Go Giants in the meantime.