US Army to run on Canadian electric vehicles

The US Army will soon have a BC startup to thank for part of its fleet.

Vancouver’s Rapid Electric Vehicles (REV) has started production of four converted electric bi-directional charging Ancillary Power vehicles that will form part of the US Army Tank Automotive Research Development Engineering Centre Micro-Grid Project at Wheeler Air Base in Hawaii.

The vehicles are are light duty fleet vehicles that use power management, mobile communication technologies and proprietary propulsion developed by Rapid Electric Vehicles. They are each propelled by a 125kW permanent magnet AC motor and deliver 300lb-ft of torque.

An order has been made for three Rapid Electric Vehicles 300ACX and one Rapid Electric Vehicle 300AZX. The vehicles are based on the Ford Escape and the Ford F-150 platforms respectively.

In February, REV partnered with B.C.-based GreenAngel Energy Corp., an angel fund that specializes in raising start-up capital for early-stage green-tech companies and announced an agreement to raise $5 million for the company this year.