Use Gmail? Then Vancouver’s MailSlayer should be your best friend

Google’s Gmail is one of the most popular email clients around. And while it’s good, it’s not perfect. Fortunately, startups like MailSlayer aim to raise the bar.

The Vancouver-born startup was born after an original idea didn’t pan out. A beta project called Ticketive focused on bettering the experience of customer service ticketing in Gmail—and while the founders say feedback was great, people just didn’t use Google’s ticketing feature enough to sustain a growing business model.

Thus came MailSlayer, which plugs into your Gmail and adds “super simple but highly productive apps to your workflow.” Snippets, for example, help you write repetitive emails quicker, while Notes keep track of who you’re talking to. There’s also People Labels, which allow you to sort and export email lists.

Check the video below to see it in action.