User-based design in the new Yahoo! homepage


Mitch Spolan, Vice President, North American Field Sales, Yahoo! was the wrap up speaker at the “Clicking with the Human Mind” session as part of Advertising Week in Toronto. 

Mitch started off by explaining that people go on the web for two main reasons.  The first is what he referred to as “My World”.  These are sites such as Facebook and Twitter where we are able to interact with friends, family and acquaintances.

The second place is what Mitch referred to as “The World”.  These are sites where we go to get our information.  Items such as sports, entertainment, news, weather, stock market reports and (coming soon!) the Olympics.

Mitch said that Yahoo! wanted to design their homepage to accomplish both.  So now when you go to the Yahoo! homepage you will see a My Favourites section.  This “open platform” allows Yahoo! account holders to personalize which feeds and websites they want to frequent.  Users are now able to access GMail, Facebook, Sports Illustrated and even Twitter all from the Yahoo! homepage.




What are your thoughts on Yahoo’s new homepage strategy?  Will it work?  Will you use it?