Userful powers 357,000 desktops in Brazil

Calgary’s Userful Corp. announced yesterday that they have won a deal to supply their Linux-based PC-sharing software to 357,000 desktops in schools throughout Brazil.

This initiative will provide computer access to millions of children and adolescents throughout the country. It is a historical achievement, being: the world’s largest ever virtual desktop deployment; the world’s largest ever desktop Linux deployment, and a new record low-cost for PCs with the PC sharing hardware and software costing less than $50 per seat.

Userful’s Multiplier software runs on top of any version of the open-source operating system and enables a single desktop PC to be shared by as many as 10 users, all connected by individual monitors, keyboards and mice.

Userful’s cost saving ability to turn 1 computer into up to 10 independent workstations enabled the Brazilian government to supply it’s schools with an unprecedented number of computer workstations. Savings of 60% in up-front costs, 80% in annual power savings and additional savings in ongoing administration and support costs as compared to a traditional PC-per-workstation solution all contributed to making 356,800 new workstations for Brazil’s school children possible.

The massive deal, won in partnership with Brasil’s ThinNetworks and a number of local Brazilian PC manufacturers, is Userful’s largest deployment by far. Including this deal, the Calgary, Alberta-based firm will now have contracts to supply more than 400,000 seats.

Privately held and founded in 1999, Userful launched their flagship product in 2003 and was recently named Alberta’s 10th fastest growing company under $20 million in revenue.