Userful Scores $1 Million Investment

Calgary-based Userful Corporation has helped its customers cut global CO2 emissions by more than 29,000 tonnes over the last 12 months – the environmental equivalent of taking 5,000 cars off the road. Now thanks to a $1 Million investment from AVAC Ltd., Userful is preparing to ramp-up sales of it’s ecologically-friendly software.

Userful is a web-service that lets users multiply and manage their desktop computers. They can multiply their hardware investment, creating up to 10 independent workstations from a single computer by attaching multiple monitors, mice and keyboards. This reduces demand for electricity and cuts hardware waste by up to 80%.

Userful also enables users to manage and monitor their desktops through a central administrative web site, which generates significant savings in administration. Userful replaces expensive administrative tools, licenses, and IT staff enabling non-experts to easily manage and control their desktops from a simple web-browser.

AVAC’s repayble investment will help Userful take advantage of the global opportunities their technology presents and should help attract third-party risk capital. AVAC helps Alberta-based companies build capacity and attract commercial investment to advance ideas and products in agri-business, ICT, life sciences and other industrial technology sectors.