Uther Interiors unveils enhancements to its incredible virtual 3D service for Vancouver homebuyers

3D tours and virtual renovations with Uther

Home-shopping online reached new heights in Vancouver in June—or, rather, new dimensions. 

UtherInteriors.com created the world’s first 3D virtual touring service for potential homebuyers. Trumping picture galleries and slow-moving, fuzzy virtual tours that current real estate websites offer, Uther’s system creates a fully three-dimensional digital replication of a home. It allows you to walk through the home as a virtual avatar, getting a feel for the layout and space as if you were truly there.

But now it goes even deeper, allowing you to actually decorate and furnish virtual homes. For roughly $300, a home is modelled into a virtual, 3D replicate, accurate from wall colours, to fixtures and outlets, and even window views. From that point, you can change almost anything: upholstery, flooring, furniture, and more. This is ideal for both renovation planning and of course homebuying.

“Buyers can now get an in-depth preview of dozens of homes in a single day, allowing them to focus only on those houses that they know they like,” said UtherInteriors.com founder Brian Shuster. “All of the energy and commuting around for potential buyers and agents is greatly reduced. This breakthrough has hugely simplified the entire home-buying process from start to finish. As an agent, you can run 50 house tours a day if you want. As a buyer, you’ll know exactly how your home will look before you even start to pack.”

The real estate application stands as one of the first huge business breakthroughs for the 3D web, according to Brian. “Before, we were seeing gaming and some retail selling power through virtual worlds, but now virtual worlds are demonstrating a much stronger link between the internet and the real world, one that tech experts are calling the future of the web,” added Shuster.

Experience the city life online

vancouverAnother Vancouver-related service by UtherInteriors is Virtual Vancouver, a “social experience within a 3D virtual reality space,” with a focus on music and related activities. Virtually identical to the real Vancouver, Virtual-Vancouver’s online atmosphere offers users a venue for nightlife, dating, and music-appreciation from the comfort of the users’ homes. Users can also shop for real-world items in the virtual world’s network of online stores.