UW Receives $1M Grant For ‘Next Generation Automobiles’

The University of Waterloo has been given a $1 million grant by the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council. The university has a history of providing cutting edge automotive research in Ontario and has been providing research that has lead to cleaner, safer and more efficient vehicles.

The $1 million grant will primarily be used to double UW’s existing number of auto researchers to 12 people. The team has been focusing on developing mathematical models for software used by manufactures to design vehicles more quickly. The team hopes to reduce vehicles typical two year design time so manufactures can better meet consumer demand.

Engineering professor John McPhee will become the industrial chair in mathematics based modeling and design. The grant will go to fund his salary, with additional funding provided by Waterloo based software company Maplesoft. Other partners include Toyota which will be contributing two Lexus vehicles for the research.

University of Waterloo President, David Johnston applauded the co-operation between industry and academia. “What we are focused on here is the next generation of automobiles”, Johnston said. He promoted UW’s industry corporation as key to the Ontario auto industry’s future. 80% of Ontario’s auto related academic research is done between Waterloo and McMaster University.