UW to become hub of diabetes research

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation announced today that it had selected the University of Waterloo as the centerpiece of a new clinical trial network in Waterloo, set up to explore treatments for the chronic illness.

That certainly shouldn’t come as a surprise to those living and working in one of Canada’s fastest growing technology and innovation hotspots.

Waterloo’s rich pool of talented knowledge workers combined with the presence of several technology industry heavyweights, has allowed it to clock speeds as one of the fastest-growing regions in south-western Ontario. Companies such as Communitech, Open Text, RIM and ComDev already refer to it as home base, and few companies have not tapped into the latent force of the University of Waterloo’s co-op employee pool.

So today’s announcement by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation only sweetens the deal.

With funding of $20 million from Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario and another $13.9 million from the Foundation itself, here are the top three reasons why the University of Waterloo turned out to be a winner:

  1. Some of the brightest thought leaders in computer science and data management are employed by the University. UW’s knowledge and expertise in these two fields will undergird the entire system. 
  2. UW will look to process, store and manage the data gathered from the trials, and will even coordinate the trials themselves.
  3. Waterloo’s ready pool of talented and innovative professionals will help undergird the clinical system, drawing more talent to the region and cementing its reputation as a hotbed of innovation.

Starting operations in southern Ontario, the Foundation looks to expand across Canada, gathering and distributing information and research about diabetes along the way.

To learn more, visit http://news.therecord.com/News/Local/article/680788