UW to host residence-based Young Entrepreneur Bootcamp

The folks in Waterloo are at it again. This summer the University of Waterloo is launching the VeloCity Entrepreneur Bootcamp (VEB), where Canada’s most promising young entrepreneurs can come to launch their technology-based startups. And own 100% of their intellectual property in the process.

Selected students will each receive $3,000 (up to a maximum $9,000 for each team), live rent-free at VeloCity, and work out of office space provided at no charge by the Accelerator Centre in Waterloo’s research and technology park. They’ll also have the opportunity to attend business-related seminars and workshops and to be mentored by some of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs.

The University has assembled a dream team of partners to launch the VEB. In additional to financial support from the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), the VEB is accessing office space from the Accelerator Centre, a network of mentors via Communitech, and marketing across Canadian campuses through the Impact Entrepreneurship Group.

At the end of the 3-month bootcamp (May thru July), students will be eligible for additional seed funding through the OCE’s Centre for Commercialization of Research’s new entrepreneur program.

Interested student applicants need to apply by February 14th. In addition to an old-school resume, students must submit an overview of their start-up outlining its novelty and marketability as well as a YouTube video promoting the idea. VEB is open to ANY post-secondary student in Canada. Applications will be reviewed by an expert panel and decisions made and communicated by the week of February 22nd. More information about the application process is available online.

The VEB is the first nation-wide, residence-based program of its kind in North America. Nice work Waterloo.