Vancity at the IMC in Vancity

Techvibes Media Inc. is a proud media sponsor of the upcoming Internet Marketing Conference (IMC) in Vancouver. IMC is produced by Internet marketing experts, for Internet marketing experts, and for all of you who’d like to become Internet marketing experts.

The IMC speaker line-up is impressive – a virtual who’s who of the Web. Building up to the conference, we’ll be highlighting some of the speakers here on the Techvibes Blog. First up was Andre Charland of Nitobi, then Darren and Julie from Capulet Communications, then a guy from some search engine, and now everyone’s favorite credit union.

Engage Community With Your Brand
by William Azaroff, Vancity

More and more companies are using social media as a means not only to reach their customers, but to open a vibrant conversation with and among them. See a case study of how Vancity, Canada’s largest credit union, launched, a social networking site focused on issues of change. Discover how this project came about, determine what engagement can look like online, learn how social media can make a brand more relevant to consumers and examine the benefits of engaging community online.

William Azaroff directs Online Strategy & Community Engagement at Vancity, Canada’s largest credit union.