Vancouver-area cleantech startup can make your diesel-sucking marine vessel an eco-friendly hybrid

Are you a multi-millionaire who’s sad that his private yacht harms the environment? You may just be in luck!

In fact, the same goes for tugboat and ferry operators: Richmond, B.C. startup Corvus Energy has developed a powerful lithium ion battery that may allow medium to large marine vessels to switch from diesel to significantly more fuel efficient hybrids.

Corvus has patented a battery management system that allows for battery systems in the multi-megawatt power range – enough to supply 600 homes… or a large tugboat.

Also, the well-positioned startup has inked an exclusive agreement with Dow Kokam for commercial and retail marine applications of its battery system.

Corvus, who attended the C100 last year, is definitely on the cutting edge of eco-friendly technology. Through strategic moves, this employee-owned company could become a major player in bringing cleantech to the marine transportation industry.

In fact, the only negative I see with this company is their awful logo.