Vancouver Blogathon 2008 Well Underway

There are so many ways that the internet and social media can be used to create a positive change on society. One way that I found out about three years ago was Blogathon; bloggers stay up for 24 hours straight posting one blog post every half hour while readers pledge to charity to keep them going.

Stay Up Late – Make a Difference

Blogathon is 24 hours of blogging every 30 minutes for a cause. Since the official system and administrators will be taking a year off, that leaves 2008 in our hands.

The Day of Blogs will mostly be picking up where Blogathon left off, however under their guidance I would like to organize a Vancouver chapter, although if you are not in the city please feel free to participate by adding your name to the Sign Up Page on the wiki. [ / Blogathon]

Vancouver bloggers participating in the city’s first official iteration of the Blogathon are:

Sunshine Shift (ending at 10pm tonight)
Raul, Shane Gibson, Karen Hamilton, Danny Dang, Mehnaz Thawer, Jenn Lowther/Nadia Nascimento, Barbara Doduk, Chris Richardson, and Duane Storey.

Swing Shift (ending at 5:00am Sunday)
Isabella Mori, Ayeza Garcia, Colleen Vince

And me over at sometime today (my shift has been changed due to tragic circumstances that currently have me in Calgary until this afternoon).

Visit participants’ websites all day today and through tomorrow for fresh content twice an hour. Leave a comment, make a pledge, donate online to their cause, and keep them motivated during their valiant online efforts to help charities.