Vancouver Blogger Profile: Miss 604

If you live in Vancouver, you’ve probably heard of Miss 604 (or as her family and friends know her), Rebecca Bollwitt. Rebecca has managed to use her passion of technology, writing and being a girl-about-town to start a successful consulting business (sixty4media) and  to build a recognizable brand, leaving in-the-know Vancouverites wanting to know more.  I admire women entrepreneurs that use technology AND follow their passion.  So I had a little offline chat with the missus to get the scoop.  This is a loose transcription of our conversation, as Ieft my recorder at home.

Miss 604 started her career in 1997 working with an online broadcaster.  The employer found her through an mp3 file sharing website where she recorded some voicecasts.   She recorded audio material for clients like Yahoo and different newswires, and fell in love with the digital world. The turning point came in 2004 when she discovered blogging. Rebecca wanted to share her life, talk about her passions and the city she loves so much, and he realized she could fill a gap and be a resource.  She also realized this could make her money.

The real turning point happened on an evening in 2006 when she live-blogged a Matthew Good interview–from his living room.  The next day she went to Barcamp at Workspace and after talking to people like Kris Krug, Boris Mann and the supportive social media community she committed to making this a full time gig. She also says networking events like Third Tuesdays, Northern Voice, Democamp and “building a great relationship with Google” also helped her get noticed. Rebecca says traditional media and “new media” can work together, but sharing the love has to be a team effort.  (And they have to realize that she is running a business.) Who does Rebecca read? Twitter,, Vancouver History and Beyond Robson.  In terms of anything new coming up, Miss 604 will be live-blogging from the Juno’s.

Advice to aspiring bloggers and entrepreneurs?

Remember who your audience is and keeping your passion.  I always wanted to be that local girl, who talks about the local history. So you don’t want to change the message.  Scheduling your time is important. There are certain days of the week, you’ll get more traffic, so make sure the content is fresh.

Thanks Rebecca and congrats on all your success!