Vancouver ChangeCamp 2010 seeks real and lasting social change

Their focus is local, but their scope is universal.

Emphasizing topics such as citizen engagement, open government, and “real and lasting” social change, Vancouver ChangeCamp is a “participatory, web-enabled, face-to-face unconference that brings you together with other community workers, non-profit employees, social entrepreneurs, activists, advocates, and government employees.” They pitch these questions for debate and discussion:

  • How can we help our governments be more open and responsive?
  • How do we as citizens organize to get better outcomes ourselves?

The goal of the event is to allow participants to learn from each other “by sharing their expertise and knowledge of inspiring examples of citizen-driven change using online tools.” ChangeCamp is based around public participation. Whether you’re a professional or everyday citizen seeking greater engagement, they’d love to have you involved.

Last year’s sessions included “How can the BC government do a great job with citizen engagement,” “Tools for self-organizing collaboration,” “How do I turn ideas into action,” and a “Town Hall on the Future of the Internet.” This year’s event is expected to be just as exciting and energizing. 

Vancouver ChangeCamp is on Saturday June 12th from 8:30am – 5:30pm at W2 Storyeum. Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the door. Register online.