Vancouver Continues Pioneering Role in Drupal

It’s no surprise to those of us in the Drupal community that Vancouver played a big role in paving the future of Drupal internationally. Here in Vancouver, we hosted one of the first Drupalcon’s ever back in 2006 (today there are hundreds of Drupal Camps and larger Cons around the world).

Something about the open-source community aligns well with the way west-coasters see the world: accessible, inviting, improved by the contributions of many great minds. The open-source (some might say open mind, model) has led Drupal to become the most advanced CMS on the market.

Today, in Vancouver alone, more than 20 web agencies and development shops specialize in Drupal development, employing over 400 people not to mention all the internal teams that are working in various businesses, non-profits, educational or governmental institutions.

Vancouver will soon host a new movement called the Drupal Business Summit, which will be coming to Vancouver June 1. This event will not be targeted at training developers as are the other Camps and Cons, but rather will invite key technology decision makers to come out and explore the Drupal CMS and have the opportunity to listen to case studies and presenters share about the far reaching resources that are now available for almost any sector.

It’s an exciting new phase, even for the original Drupal pioneers, including Vancouver’s notorious cyber artist Kris Krug: “I’m stoked about the upcoming Drupal Business Summit in Vancouver. We’ve got a deep, rich history in the Drupal community and it’s great to see that relationship continues to thrive and grow alongside the technology.”

While Drupal was earlier considered to be a developer’s CMS and wasn’t easy to use, the more recent versions have made it as easy as any other CMS in the world. Organizations like the White House, Al Jazeera, Popular Science, Warner Brother Records, and closer to home, The Vancouver School Board, Aritzia, Sutton Realty, Vancouver Magazine and much of UBC run their websites on Drupal.

Drupal is maintained and developed by a community of 800,000-plus users and developers. Presently there are over 16,000 modules available to download and with Drupal’s rapid growth it now makes up approximately 2% of the web.

If you’re interested in Drupal for your business, project or website, be sure to check out first-ever Drupal Business Summit happening in Vancouver June 1.

Photo: Kris Krug and the Raincity Studios crew at SXSW