Vancouver Coworking Community HiVE Seeks Crowdfunding on Indiegogo to Pay Down Debts and Grow

We just recently covered the end of Allerta’s Kickstarter campaign, which saw the Canadian-born startup raise more than $10 million from over 66,000 backers in the span of one month. Back in Vancouver, coworking community HiVE is hoping to raise a modest $35,000 in crowdfunding money using the Indiegogo platform, which we earlier today suggested as one of 12 ideal sites to use in Canada.

HiVE is accepting pledges ranging from $15 all the way to $100,000 (at which pont the company claims will “buy you a yacht”) to service debt incurred from renovating their 9,000-square-foot downtown Vancouver space. Essentially an open office for small businesses to work and collaborate, HiVE is a honeycomb of creative freelancers, community advocates, hotdeskers, and small organizations.

Now one year old, HiVE says that debt “is preventing us from truly growing.” Reaching their goal would “right the ship,” allowing the coworking business to “enter the next phase” of their long-term plan. The campaign has currently raised just over $1,000 with 28 days left.