Vancouver Food Sites Dish It Up

Since I’m on a roll here about hyper-local Vancouver events sites, I thought I’d review a few food and restaurant review sites including Tasting Vancouver and Foodists

Tasting Vancouver is an online social networking site for restaurant reviews, a guide that gathers user-generated reviews, photos and videos about Vancouver restaurants.  I really like the way the site is broken down into sections of neighbourhoods and then cuisine-type.  It actually reminds me of Dine Here a bit, not sure why.  The site uses Google maps, has a search area and is very user-friendly.  It also looks like the more reviews someone submits, the more “trusted” they become, earning kudos with the community.  Anyone can submit a recommendation or review, but it is reviewed or edited by someone on the back end before it is posted. Think crowdsourcing for food with a managing critic at the end.  The food, service and value of each restaurant is rated by the community which gives you a clear indication of not only who is visiting these places, but a general consensus on the restaurants popularity.  The sites seems to connect with a novice

Foodists is for a more educated palate, not only offering sophisticated reviews of restaurants, but also really cool recipes, beautiful photos, and food news about the Vancouver scene.  It’s not a community, but a destination site where you have to know what you’re looking for instead of coming to the site in hopes of finding somewhere to go and I like the commenting functionality. Where do you go online to get a useful local restaurant review?