Vancouver Hot Dog Stand on Twitter

You know that really cool hot dog stand on the corner of Burrard St. called Japa Dog?  Well I just read that they’re on Twitter and it’s a huge hit.  In these tough economic times, business wil try many innovative things to raise their profiles and it seems that social media is there for the rescue.

What if I was to say that a hot dog stand has turned to Twitter? Crazy eh… Maybe not! Japa Dog has done it!

This latest venture by Japa Dog is an example of how social media has become the IT darling of marketing startegy.  Perhaps the success of a social media tool can be determined by how its adopted by the users, even if it’s a hot dog stand?  That’s why it’s not surprising that social media communities are taking over things like Email as a contact medium.  According to Information Week, even the GOP is using Twitter to reunite its party:

Part of that strategy is to use social media to communicate directly with the people, bypassing newspapers and other traditional media, which the GOP perceives as biased against it and dying. The GOP is looking to the example of Barack Obama, who leveraged social media to build a coalition and raise funds in last year’s election.

Any predictions on what’s next?  I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ll be able to follow our favourite beverage or clothing item on Twitter soon. Can you imagine?  Diet Coke or a pair of Manolo Blahniks using tweets to sell us advertising?