Vancouver library stocks Amazon Kindles on shelves

LibraryThe West Vancouver Memorial Library may be Canada’s first library to let cardholders borrow the Amazon Kindle e-reader. The municipal library recently purchased six Kindles, and has just begun loaning out five of them for up to three weeks at a time.

Sarah Felkar is the library assistant who’s spearheading the program. She told the Vancouver newspaper Straight that the devices are part of a “fact-finding mission,” which will observe how feasible it is to lend out e-books.

“We are moving into sort of a digital era, and we wanted a chance to show our patrons what’s out there, how easy it is, how nice it is to see these devices, which might be a little bit intimidating otherwise,” Sarah told the paper.

Within a day, library users had placed over two dozen holds on the devices. The library will use the feedback it gets from the pilot project to determine the viability of stocking more of the devices, or investing in other e-readers as well. But while the library is making its first leap into the world of digital book stocking, its collection of print books isn’t going anywhere. (Phew.)