Vancouver’s Payfirma Launches Latest Solution: Automated Recurring Billing for Businesses

Payfirma has added Recurring Billing solutions to its suite of payment products.

The Vancouver-based mobile and e-commerce payment processing company says its latest product is designed for installment payments, subscriptions and memberships and helps businesses avoid the hassle associated with billing customers on a regular basis by offering an automated solution that’s easy to use.

“We continuously work to enhance the checkout experience our merchants give to their customers,” explains Michael Gokturk, Payfirma’s CEO. “The automation and customization now available through Recurring Billing gives merchants a payment solution that is flexible, customer-friendly and simple.”

Payfirma’s new Recurring Billing gives merchants the ability to automate online credit card billing; manage plan details such as billing amounts, cycles and card information; access payment analytics and customer payment history; and customize settings and scheduling of billing plans, as well as to customize email receipt automation for every transaction.

Payfirma was one of 10 hot hiring tech firms with a booth at Vancouver’s Techvibes Tech Fest last year. The Tech Fest returns next month with a Toronto edition and will include hiring heavyweights such as Shopify, FreshBooks, and Wattpad.