Vancouver Social Media Marketers among first to buy iPads

Petti Fong of the Toronto Star’s Western Bureau reported on Saturday that the first BC residents to get iPads were Nico Alary and Rasheed Akhtar of Pallian Creative

The first British Columbians to get the iPads Saturday were Nico Alary and Rasheed Akhtar, two app developers who decided at the spur of the moment when they finished a late-night supper Friday to drive two hours south of the border to stand in line at the Apple store.

They were the first to stake out territory at the doorway of the Alderwood Mall, the closest Apple retailer to the border just after 1:30 a.m. On the way from Vancouver, they grabbed some snacks but didn’t bring blankets or sleeping bags.

“I wouldn’t do this again,” said Akhtar, a bit forlornly as he huddled in the dark around 5 a..m. “This is the first time and the last time.”

But with daylight came hope and signs of life inside the store as people outside listened closely to the sounds of iPads being stacked up.

Some of you may remember Alary from his hysterical alter ego from the Gaston Report series during the 2010 Games. Look out for some cool iPad-related developments from Pallian’s shop in Yaletown soon.