Vancouver agency Design Vetica creates Draftboard, which makes project management effortless

Design Vetica is a small, Vancouver-based interactive agency, comprised of a team of very young entrepreneurs. DV primarily focuses on websites, branding, and media, the startup has also launched a software program called Draftboard, which is a project management and collaboration tool that emphasizes simplicity.

Draftboard is “made by designers for designers,” and claims to eliminate the need for emails as it streamlines the process of approving mockups between your client and your team.

  • Collaborate effortlessly

    Share, discuss, and manage revisions of your mock ups with your team intuitively and effectively.

  • Manage projects

    The dashboard easily allows you to see all the projects you are currently working on.

  • Annotate

    Add comments, questions, explanations, and other notes directly to the drafts you post. Just highlight an area of your design and start typing.

  • No more messy emails

    No more wondering who sent what, or why: eliminate monstrous email threads and ensure that everyone is always up-to-speed.

Draftboard has four tiers of pricing. Its “Studio” plan is $24 per month and allows for up to 10 projects and 15 GB of storage, while the premium “Corporate” plan allows for unlimited projects and a whopping 80 GB of storage. There is also a “Freelance” plan which costs only $12 per month. It’s restricted to just 5 GB of storage and 1 team member, but boasts unlimited projects and unlimited clients.