Vancouver Startup Phemi Plans to Bring Much-needed Innovation to Healthcare Space

Earlier this month Deloitte predicted that technology will reduce patient wait times and decrease the cost of health care by shifting the focus from prevention to early intervention.

Last month at the Data Effect conference in Vancouver a startup named PHEMI Health Systems quietly signed a deal with SAP. Together they plan to make Deloitte’s prediction come true.

Founded last year by Paul Terry, John Seminerio and Adam Lorant, PHEMI is focused on bringing some much-needed innovation to the healthcare space.

Terry, Seminerio, and Lorant have been around the block. They were involved with founding Abatis Systems, which was acquired by Redback Networks for $1.3 billion in 2001, as well as OctigaBay Systems, which was acquired by Cray in 2004.

PHEMI’s roots are in supercomputing.

PHEMI is a process automation and big data platform company that unlocks patient data to improve clinic productivity, patient outcomes, and medical research. Combine that with SAP’s enterprise software and their ability to handle big data analysis to health care and medical research.


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The speed of SAP HANA and the privacy infrastructure of PHEMI promises to allow healthcare professionals to analyze vast amounts of data resulting in more personalized treatment and reduced wait times, lowering healthcare costs and maintaining privacy around patient information.

PHEMI is currently in live trials in two hospitals including Vancouver’s St. Paul’s and four clinics. To date nurses and doctors are reporting 30% time saved using PHEMI and administrators are reporting 96% time saved. Deloitte’s prediction precisely.