Vancouver startup tracks newborns with RFID tags

Baby Stolen From Hospital – we’ve all seen a similar headline at some point and there is no doubt it would be any new parent’s worst nightmare.

2009 Ready to Rocket List member Guard RFID Solutions has got a solution and it appears their inclusion on Rocket Builders’ Annual list was well deserved.

The Delta-based company announced today that the Middle Tennessee Medical Center (MMTC) has chosen their TotGuard Infant Protection solution for its new $267 million facility in Murfreesboro, TN. The facility is to be equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, and GuardRFID’s TotGuard system will play a pivotal role in the protection of newborn and pediatric patients.

Ensuring that newborn patients are well cared for means doing more than just providing excellent clinical services. Along with your standard security procedures and resources, TotGuard protects these tiny patients using the latest in RFID technology that supports alerts and alarms triggered by the TotGuard tags.

TotGuard tags are the smallest active tags on the market, improving comfort and making it easy for you to apply to the tiniest of infants. It is also the first disposable infant tag in the world, making biohazard risk a thing of the past, while helping you with your bottom line. TotGuard supports unique dual-tamper sensing ankle/wristband tags so you can select what best suits your facility.

Very cool technology that keeps society’s most vulnerable patients safe and sound.