Vancouverite joins Twitter

Vancouver has been a hotbed for Twitter-related development in 2009. In addition to a handful of Twitter apps, both Hootsuite and Nambu call the West Coast home along with their respective shorteners, and

With Twitter’s phenomenal growth, it was just a matter of time before a Vancouverite was on the payroll.

It looks like that day has come. Yesterday former Vancouverite and SFU alumni Kevin Cheng announced on his blog that he is joining Twitter.

Today, I signed an offer letter from Twitter. I’ll be a product manager there working primarily on the web client. As you might guess from my Twitter username (@k), I’m a pretty big fan of theirs and see a lot of potential for the medium next year—for that’s what it is; a medium, not a service.

Cheng was most recently the Director of Product Strategy at Raptr, a social network for gamers.

Congrats to Cheng on the new gig!