Vancouverite nets $50K in Electronic Arts Tiger Woods Challenge

Electronic Arts announced today that Vancouver’s Paul Lowey has won the US$50,000 Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10 Viral Video Challenge.  Using a green screen, Lowey filmed his “In The Game” video at a local park. The video places a real-life fan in the game, nagging the virtual Woods to let him take a shot. The fan grows more frustrated as Woods ignores his pleas.

According to Lowry, the project came together within a whirlwind of a week in early August. Four hours of filming on a hot day in a Vancouver park were followed by three days of post-production by visual effects designer Mike Ritchie. The video is seamless, with actor Patrick Papineau’s shadow falling alongside that of the virtual Woods.

Lowey has now started his own business, Gloo Studios, which does video production for everything from corporate and real estate videos to not-for-profit work for charity and support groups.

The Tiger Woods game, developed by EA’s Tiburon Studio in Orlando has made good use of viral videos in the past, using fans’ careful study of the game to have some video fun (e.g. the Jesus Shot).