Vancouverites beat N.Y. Times and Arcade Fire to win Webby for interactive documentary

The Goggles took home two Webby Awards this week for their interactive online documentary, Welcome to Pine Point.

The Googles are two Vancouverites, Mike Simons and Paul Shoebridge, who beat out big-name competitors like The Guardian, New York Times, and Arcade Fire to earn the two awards – one for Documentary: Individual Episode Online Film and Video, and one for Netart in the websites category.

The Webbys are arguably the highest honour that the internet can award creative online content, which sent The Goggle’s profile high in a blinding flash. In an interview in the Vancouver Sun, the pair notes how quickly things changed:

“I have to say, even though we were nominated, I never expected us to win — especially as we were up against Arcade Fire and a Johnny Cash project, but when I woke up and turned on my laptop, things got busy very quickly,” says Simons. “I think the theme of a small town resonates universally.”

The Goggles will head to New York in June for the annual award gala. Meanwhile, the two are concocting myriad projects, including books and even a line of apparel.