Vancouver’s Allocadia integrated into Saepio marketing software

Allocadia, a Vancouver start-up that produces budgeting software, has announced a new partnership with Saepio, a marketing software platform. Saepio will be integrating and re-selling Allocadia through their Saepio Budget Manager software.

As part of Budget Manager, Allocadia’s software will help marketers manage complex budgets, collaborate on those budgets and share them within an organization.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with Saepio to help realize our vision of becoming the de facto standard budgeting engine behind marketing platforms,” said Kristine Steuart, CEO of Allocadia Software. “This partnership represents a launch pad for growth and helps establish us as a key piece of the puzzle in the growing enterprise marketing technology space. We’re committed to delivering a seamless platform experience to Saepio customers and helping them see ROI through improved budget decision-making.”

Allocadia hopes that by becoming integrated with Saepio and other marketing software platforms, their software can be sold as part of a larger software suite and gain exposure to new customers.

You can find out more about Allocadia here.