Vancouver’s Atimi crafts an app for Macworld that hits number one in the App Store

Atimi Software recently developed the Macworld Daily Reader app, which topped the charts for free apps at number one yesterday and still remains strong in the top three.

The Vancouver-based company was approached by Macworld to make the app, which blends the website and print magazine content Macworld publishes.

“At each stage of the development process, Atimi worked closely with our team to define all features of the app,” said Jason Snell, the editor of Macworld. “Atimi’s keen understanding of design and technological considerations on the iOS platform has allowed us to create an app that truly represents the best of both Macworld’s print and web publications.”

“We feel very fortunate to have been able to work with Macworld’s knowledgeable team, and to produce and application that really represents the flagship publication for the Apple market,” said Scott Michaels, vice president of client services at Atimi Software . “This app was a true collaboration, and Macworld has an intuitive sense of what their readers want. It is very refreshing to work with an expert team that is so close to and aware of its audience.”