Vancouver’s Big Sandwich Games Acquired by Z2Live

Independent developer Big Sandwich Games has been acquired by Z2Live. The Vancouver-based company has been working on a project with Z2 for nearly half a year, according to design director Tyler Sigman, who wanted to “make sure that there was a mutual fit.”

Z2, which develops and publishes social and mobile titles (Battle Nations, MetalStorm), hopes to expand to Vancouver through this acquisition, according to Blaine Kyllo at The Georgia Straight. President and chief executive officer David Bluhm told the Straight that the move was “an ideal opportunity to be in the market and tap that talent long-term.”

The Seattle-based company Z2 rapidly expanded from 11 to 71 employees in a single year, so the growth-oriented acquisition won’t surprise many. In fact, Z2 says it is considering acquiring other Vancouver studios in addition to Big Sandwich.

Big Sandwich was founded in 2006 by Glenn Barnes, Peter Holubowicz, and Cory Lake. Tyler Sigman says that the freshly acquired developer will shift its focus to mobile games under the new name Z2 Live Games Vancouver, and will grow from 12 to 25 employees as it pushes out to new games over the next year.