Vancouver’s Bootup Labs rooms with Mozilla, Tiny Speck, Joyent

In a new blog post, Bootup Labs Blog has mentioned some of their roommates—and they’re definitely worth a mention!

First, there is Stewart Butterfield’s Tiny Speck. Stewart created Flickr here in Vancouver. Tiny Speck’s first project is titled Glitch. TinySpeck is waitingfor its main office to be renovated.

Joyent Logo

Second, there is the cutting-edge cloud computing technology, Joyent, lead by VP of Engineering, Mark Mayo. Joyent’s website boldly states, “Putting the same old OS ‘in the cloud’ isn’t cloud computing. It’s dumb computing.” Like Tiny, Joyent is also waiting out a renovation.

Thunderbird 3 Logo

Last, but definitely not least, are the developers of Thunderbird 3, the email client from the organization Mozilla, that brought us FireFox. David Ascher, formerly with ActiveState, and the rest of the T3 team, are rooming with Bootup “for the indefinite future.”

Bootup Labs Blog somes it up best: “There are a lot of great technologies being developed in Vancouver that we’re proud of, and personally I think we could do a better job telling our story. For example, not many people know of these three world class organizations being developed right in our city, and Bootup Labs is lucky enough to be call them ‘Roomies’… at least for a little while.”