Vancouver’s Cargoh offers an edgy alternative to Etsy

Vancouver startup Cargoh is an online marketplace that enables sellers “peddle their passions” on a global scale while helping buyers find the “best independent talent in art + design + fashion + music + film + photography”.

Sounds a lot like the super successful Etsy community that has attracted buyers and sellers from all over the world and now hosts 200,000+ online stores. Etsy has faired just as well in the Venture Capital world and has raised over $30 Million to date from investors that include Accel Partners, Union Square Ventures, and Burda Digital.

Many attribute Etsy’s fantastic growth to an eBay backlash in February 2008 that saw dissatisfied eBay sellers going on strike and looking for other venues for selling their goods online. Cargoh and it’s competitors may be able to benefit in a similar way as early Etsy adopters are starting to critisize the original handmade buying and selling hub. Sellers have concerns about fees, user interface and promotions that yield shaky sales results and buyers have their own unique set of complaints ranging from regulating product quality to site navigation.

After a quick tour of some of the newest stores on Cargoh, it’s safe to say that Cargoh is kind of like Etsy… but without doilies. Thanks to an offer most online sellers can’t refuse, stores are being added to Cargoh fast and furious. If you set up your Cargoh store before the end of July, you pay no membership fees on a pro account forever. Not a bad deal. And a smart offer considering how online sellers love to spread their eggs around to avoid too much reliance on one marketplace.

The Cargoh website was built by Vancouver Dev Shop Appnovation and launched in May 2010. Cargoh was co-founded by Paul and Cariann Burger.