Vancouver’s Clicktoy lands games in Apple Stores

Great news for Fusion Forum Top 10 startup Clicktoy InteractiveThe Meadow is now available in Apple Stores. The award winning interactive software for children ages 1 to 5 is now available for purchase at local Canadian Apple Stores and select US Apple stores, and online at

Clicktoy is successfully and safely turning computers into children’s toys. Colourful 3-D graphics, nature sounds and original music bring nature to life on screen where children can join Mr. and Mrs. Bunny as they visit their friends living in The Meadow. With the simple press of a key, your child can guide the animals through the beautiful meadow environment. 

Could there be a better place to convince parents that they need to buy this game? Every Apple Store has a workstation that kids flock to (sample at right) and once parents see that their toddler can’t break anything while they browse, this purchase will be a no-brainer.

Available on the PC since 2008 The Meadow is now available for the Mac OS. Offered in over 17 languages the game sells for $24.95.

Based in Vancouver, Clicktoy Interactive develops and publishes original software for preschool aged children using the latest in graphics and real-time animation technology. Clicktoy was founded by ex-Electronic Arts developer Ken Kavanagh who recently participated in the 2009 Fusion Forum and was selected to the Top 10.