Vancouver’s ComboApp reveals results of extensive mobile app developers’ survey

Vancouver-based marketing firm ComboApp has revealed the detailed results of a thorough study aimed at delving into the minds of today’s mobile app developers.

When asked which platforms developers are most vested in, 39 percent answered Android, followed closely by iOS at 36 percent. Symbian and Windows drew virtually no interest, while Mac OS eked out BlackBerry OS by two percent.

When asked, “Is it profitable for you to place ad banners within your applications?” more than 40 percent responded with “I have not attempted to utilize this business model.” Yet most who have used it found success, with roughly two-thirds saying it is either their primary or secondary source of income.

More than half of developers believe that if games continue their current trajectory of success, they will remain at their current price level, while 19 percent predict an increase in price and 12 percent forecast a decrease in price.