Vancouver’s CrowdFanatic, the ‘anti-Facebook,’ is all about battling – including Canucks vs Bruins

Having just launched their Beta at The Expo last week in Sunnyvale, Vancouver’s CrowdFanatic is an “online confrontation platform”—a sort of social media battleground for groups to deliberately confront rivals in order to win debates and crush opponents in the digital space. It is a place for social and political activists to support their causes and sway public opinion, and it is a place, too, for diehard Vancouver Canucks fans to take Boston Bruins fans head-on.

Once called as “the Anti-Facebook,” CrowdFanatic deals with explosive topics in the news,  pitting rival groups against each other in direct confrontation to create the “hottest social media environment on the internet.”

“It isn’t about me interacting wit my friends. For that we have Facebook,” said Yaron Bazaz, founder and CEO of CrowdFanatic. “Our platform is all about me as a group member fighting for my political party, sports club or favourite American Idol against the group’s rivals, in order to win on the streets and on the social media battlefield. It is a competitive environment, very emotional and extremely engaging.”

Crowdfanatic’s team believes they have identified a huge gap in today’s social media offering.

According to Yaron, today’s social media platforms are focused on the individual and do not realistically reflect our group identities. Plus, typical online groups and fan sites are isolated islands that only serve the group’s supporters—not the opponents.

“There is no online arena that enables the Republicans to debate Democrats directly, nor online battlefield for Canucks fans to challenge the Bruins’ fans or for Rihanna supporters to confront Chris Brown. That is exactly what Crowdfanatic  is—the global confrontation arena.”