Vancouver’s HootSuite launches White Paper series that explores the ROI potential of social media

Social Media Measurement White Paper Series

In collaboration with Nichole Kelley of, Vancouver-born HootSuite Media is launching a series of White Papers that aim to delve into the largely unexplored realm of ROI on social media.

This 5-part series opens up with “Introduction to Social Media Measurement,” a 33-page report that connects the often intangible social media with hard stats and traditional metrics such as conversions, acquisition costs, and revenue.

Numerous other facets of campaign measurement will be address throughout the series, which will see a new White Paper every two weeks. And best of all, they’re all free as a bird.

“Marketers want to measure social media in a way that is meaningful to the organization, but unfortunately most of us aren’t metrics junkies and there isn’t a silver bullet answer,” says Nichole Kelley. “This White Paper series is about showing marketers how they can finally tie their results to financial metrics like sales, revenue, and cost. I partnered with HootSuite on this project because my analysis of their Custom Social Analytic Reports shows that it isn’t about giving you a pretty set of social media metrics. It’s about data that will drive better decision making in your organization.”