Vancouver’s Kris Krug helps Change the Web

Techvibes is proud to be sponsoring the Social Actions’ Change the Web Challenge – a competition to create innovative tools that help people find and share opportunities to take action on the websites, blogs, and social networks they visit each day.

Web developers who enter the Change the Web Challenge have a chance to win a share of $10,000 by building web applications that draw on Social Actions’ open database of 60,000+ actions people can take across a range of issues. Social Actions currently aggregates opportunities to make a difference from over 40 online platforms, including VolunteerMatch, Kiva,,, and

To be eligible for prizes, participants must use the Social Actions API, have an open-source license, and submit a fully functional application. Developers are encouraged to create applications for popular open platforms and websites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Mozilla Firefox, Google Apps, WordPress, Drupal, Google Gadgets, Joomla, OpenSocial, and OpenConvio.

The Change the Web Challenge is about to hit the halfway mark (submissions close April 3rd), so if you’ve got an idea for a web app or widget percolating in your head be sure to get working on it now. Participants are sharing their ideas over at the Idea Hub – so if you’re unable to come up with one of your own, at least head over there and cast your vote(s) for your favorite one. 

Social Actions announced the judges for the Change the Web Challenge last week and Vancouver’s own Kris Krug was selected for the eight person jury. Get your ideas in now and let’s make this a tough decision for Krug and the others.