Vancouver’s Mobio improves the game-day experience for NFL fans

If you have the opportunity to go to a Jacksonville Jaguars home game at EverBank Field this season, prepare to be treated to one of the most high tech experiences a spectator can have — just don’t forget your smartphone.

EverBank Field is serving as the first NFL venue to launch Mobio’s new smartphone technology that allows for fans to interact with the organization and the stadium by scanning barcodes right at the seat. Most importantly, these barcodes, when scanned, allow fans to order food to be delivered to them at their seats with the Mobio app.

Once a Mobio application user scans a QR barcode at their seat, a list of menu items is brought up on the smartphone, and the user selects and pays for their choice.  The order is then delivered to the user at their seat. Although currently only being offered in one section of the stadium, the goal is to have the entire stadium using the service, and eventually, more stadiums across America using it too.

For fans at the stadium without a barcode to scan, Mobio also provides a barcode in the Jaguars’ game-day program, which give fans the opportunity to win an autographed jersey of their choice.

Just ask anyone who’s tried out the oh-so-slow concession stands at Empire Field here in my hometown Vancouver: any way to beat the line up is a good idea.