Vancouver’s Nine Tail Studios Launches Monster Rising, a Mobile Game with ‘Enormous Depth’

Nine Tail Studios has launched a new game called Monsters Rising on the Apple App Store.

The game is available globally and is available on the iPhone but is optimized for iPad, according to the Vancouver-based gaming studio, which was founded in 2011.

Monsters Rising is an action-strategy combat game where gamers have real-time control over a faction of mythological creatures from China. Nine Tail believes that, with console quality graphics, the game will appeal to both casual and hard-core gamers.

“We believe we’ve created a game with enormous depth, a unique look and feel and an intuitive control system that gamers will love,” says Brent Disbrow, CEO of Nine Tail Studios. “And I can tell you now, we will unleash a hell of a lot more Monsters in the coming months.”

Monsters Rising lets gamers control their monsters in the fight against anything that stands in their way, including the military and other monsters.

“Inspired by movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline, our goal was to create a unique universe populated by distinctive characters that embodied our goal of bringing console-quality visual design to iOS platforms,” saysTerry Chui, Nine Tail’s Chief Visual Officer, who believes the game’s unique visual appeal sets it apart.

In the game, plays build up a collection of monsters with different skill sets and choose which monser they wish to use for each mission.

Download the app here.