Vancouver’s Nomorerack Flies Under the Radar, Quietly Becomes One of Canada’s Hottest Startups

You probably haven’t heard of Nomorerack. This silent little web startup, based in Vancouver’s yuppie Kitsilano neighbourhood, has been flying under the radar for some time now. This month marks the first Techvibes Startup Indexes where Nomorerack was included—and it debuted at number three in B.C. and number six nationwide.

Nomorerack, founded in January 2011, is a white-hot daily deals site—its traffic rankings are ahead of notables like Edmonton’s Empire Avenue, Montreal’s Beyond the Rack, and Toronto’s Wattpad. In fact, only social media dashboard titan HootSuite and online dating giant Plentyoffish are ahead of Nomorerack in all of B.C. But the startup has remained quiet from the beginning.

Interestingly, most of Nomorerack’s press has been in America, with appearances in People, USA Today, and the Miami Herald. In Canada, though, the site seems invisible.

Founded by Melina Ash, Nomorerack’s deals focus on brand-name clothing and accessories with splashes of various gadgets and gizmos, from coffee makers to guitars to tablets. Every single day, there are a whopping eight new deals, with 30-plus running at any given time.

With crazy traffic and over 300,000 fans on Facebook, it’s amazing how deep underground Nomorerack has been operating in Canada. But now that Nomorerack is on the BCIC and Techvibes Startup Indexes, it will be difficult for the Vancouver group buying company to hide any longer.