Vancouver’s QuikPiq launches public beta app on Apple’s iPhone

Vancouver-based mobile app QuikPiq is launching its public beta release for the web and on the iPhone. The app, which a 2010 finalist in Canada’s Next Great Startup Competition, is a service that helps you collect friends opinions on things like outfits, movies, etc.

QuikPiq offers an example and simple step-by-step guide on their website:

Let’s say you’re at the mall and can’t make up your mind about which sneakers to buy. Here’s where QuikPiq comes in handy:

  1. Use  the QuikPiq app on your iPhone to take a picture of each shoe you have in mind
  2. Write a quick question for your friends
  3. Click Post

While there is only an app for the iPhone at this point, QuikPiq works via the web just as well, and you don’t need to sign up for an account to use it – you can simply log in with your Twitter or Facebook. The app is available on Apple’s iTunes App Store for free today.