Vancouver’s Rilli is Really Cool

As you know, Rilli won the Peoples’ Choice Award at this year’s Launch Party Vancouver a few weeks ago and I wanted to find out why people were loving the site so much.  I met Adam Bognar, one of the founders so he could demo the site.  I somehow gathered that it did more than “high-five your grandma”…and it does!

So what is Rilli?  It’s a map-based online and mobile event creation tool.  Adam says that unlike other events-planning and social networking sites, Rilli actually wants you to make real-life connections more predominant by using their tool.  They’ve even limited the descriptions for events so you keep your online interactions short and sweet.  What else does it do Adam?

…it’s meant to bridge the gap between larger, information rich and pre-meditated events like the ones you find on Facebook or Upcoming and the quick but context poor broadcasts made through sites like Twitter. We are working on helping people share events, big or small, in a way that is quick, portable and fun!

Meaning, the site lets you and wants you to list smaller things that you’re going to do, and so you can connect to “your people” easily.  For example, you probably wouldn’t post an event on Facebook about doing your laundry or sorting through tax receipts, but you could make that an event on Rilli, and you never know, you might not be flying solo for long. The site is in basic features mode, so you can create a profile, events and subscribe to people, events and venues that you like and of course, you can do this with your real-life friends.  Oh by the way, you won’t see the word friend anywhere on the site, because Rilli doesn’t believe in “forced friend reciprocation” a la Facebook.  (Not everyone that you want to subscribe to or have something in common with is your FRIEND.)

The site also aggregates feeds from other social communitites and sites that have an event functionality (Last FM, Georgia Straight) and has three permissions settings; public, exclusive and private. (The private permission is for your eyes only!) What are some other features that Rilli is working on Adam?

..iPhone app, SMS based event creation, Facebook integration, a feature that you can subscribe to that “notifies you, for example, if you and a friend are having lunch around the same place and recommends that you  “have lunch together,” and a feature that will recognize the time stamp from a Flickr photo or a Youtube video that matches an event that you posted on Rilli.