Vancouver’s Rouxbe part of the HTML5 revolution

Rouxbe header

As things between Apple and Adobe move into the passive aggressive stage on a number of issues, it seems clear that Adobe’s Flash won’t be making an appearance on either the iPhone or the iPad anytime soon.  However as more and more web developers move into the present and abandon Adobe’s proprietary standard for the more open (and iFriendly HTML5) it’s becoming clear that all those things that people were saying could only be done with Flash can be done pretty damn well without it.

To help demonstrate some of the best HTML5 based websites online Apple setup a list of iPad ready sites.  Among the thirty sites featured in the list was Vancouver’s Rouxbe Cooking School.  Rouxbe, whose roll call of investors includes Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield, is the world’s first ever online cooking school with students learning in 180 countries around the world.  The site includes informational videos, which can be watched on the iPhone or iPad, demonstrating that video has a future beyond Flash.