Vancouver’s Single Digit Labs launches Dog Yourself, an iPhone photo app with a canine twist

Vancouver’s Single Digit Labs recently launched Dog Yourself, a photo booth app for the iPhone and iPod Touch with a distinctly canine twist.

The concept is simple: through facial detection, Dog Yourself takes any photo on your mobile device and superimposes a high-res dog head image of your choice over top. Choose from Dalmations, Chihuahua, Bull Dogs, and tons more. Then choose expressions, from panting to goofy. You can also edit the pictures afterward and easily share them via email and social media.

“I wanted to create a mobile application that was not only fun and easy to use, but also technologically superior to others on the market,” said Artur Pawlak, CEO of Single Digit Labs. “The engineering for our facial detection and the 3-D graphics far exceed anything I’ve seen with other photo booth applications. In a world full of run-of-the-mill apps, Dog Yourself will have other developers playing fetch.” 

Video after the jump.


I tried the app myself. On first try, the dog’s head was a little off and it looked ridiculous. Fortunately, the head is easily movable and adjustable so the user can fine-tune its location to perfectly the cover the human heads.

The app is free but additional packages of dog faces and expressions can be purchased for a dollar each.